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Nepal Trekking Packages

Nepal trekking activities are becoming very popular from last 15 years and Nepal is considered and listed as one of the few best country for easy to most demanded challenging trekking in Nepal Himalaya. Nepal trekking is a famous outdoor Adventure that takes trekkers from rural villages to base camp of some of very popular high mountains in Nepal. Nepal trekking normally start from 900m to 5500m, up to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Is a Nepal trekking advantage for me?

During Nepal trekking, one can enjoy spectacular scenery of Mountains, various villages, up-down hills, rice fields and its amazing landscape. Walking through pine and rhododendron trees and crossing many small to big rivers, short to long bridges, meeting different people and learning their cultures, traditions, religions and lifestyle of many indigenous people are advantages of Nepal trekking holiday.

Nepal Map

Level difficulty of Nepal trekking

According to its difficulty and easy grade level, Nepal trek has been categorized in 3 different levels. Nepal trekking is graded as Easy, Moderate and Strenuous. Easy Nepal trekking itinerary is taking from 800m to maximum of 3000m. Moderate Nepal trekking is normally taking from 800m to maximum of 4500m and strenuous Nepal trekking is usually taking range between 1500m to 5500m of base camps or some of high passes trekking in Nepal.

A daily Schedule of Nepal trekking with us

Trekking in Nepal with Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions, which mean you have to walk average of minimum 4- 7 hrs a day with a small day pack of about 3-5 kgs.due to the geographical condition of Nepal trek, you have to walk mostly up and down and sometime easy straight trail. During Nepal trek, you will walk through different ethnic and indigenous people villages by crossing small to big local bridges, small streams to big rivers along with forests of pine and rhododendron trees by enjoying nature, cultures and of course many different flora and fauna of Nepal. Nepal trek with us will start around 7.30- 8 Am in the morning after breakfast and will end according to length of that day by 12 pm- 3 PM. during Nepal trekking, you will stop for Lunch around 11.30 Am to 12 PM. In some days quite short about 4 hrs only during Nepal trek and so rest of day time will spend to relax or look around the villages or acclimatization to the nearest hills or high places.

Types of Nepal Trekking packages with us:

We normally organize 3 types of Nepal trekking packages as below: Tea house Lodge Trekking package: This type of Nepal trekking package is very common and becoming more popular among trekkers. This type of Nepal trekking package is possible to arrange only in most popular Nepal trekking region such as Annapurna Trekking region, Everest trekking region and Langtang trekking region. In above Nepal trekking region, there are facility of tea house lodges which is also called mountain guest house which have just basic facility of room with normal beds but clean and safe. Trekkers should spend night at that lodges/guest house and have to order meals from this lodges. This is easy and cheapest way of modern trekking in Nepal. Just a Guide and porters will be provided and so it is called light way of trekking in Nepal. Another popular but little more costly Nepal trekking package is known as Full supported Camping- tented trekking. This type of trekking is organized in those Nepal trekking region where there is no facility of lodges or guest house along the trails and need all foods and accommodations should be arranged. Dhaulagiri region trekking, Kanchenjunga region trekking, dolpo region trekking, mustang region trekking, manaslu region trekking, Makalu region trekking and so on Nepal trekking region does not have proper lodges facility and in those region, we organize fully supported camping trekking with proper tents, all food with more porters and staffs including experienced sherpa cook and kitchen helpers with all necessary cooking utensils, kerosene and gas. So this type of Nepal trekking is called fully organized tented trek or camping trekking in Nepal. This is more expensive type of trekking package in Nepal. The cheapest way of Nepal trekking package is called Nepal GAP trekking. This is possible only in Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region of Nepal where there are lodges. In this type of Nepal Trek, trekker can just hire a Sherpa guide and a Sherpa porter or just a Guide or a just a porter only too. Our company will arrange necessary transports, flights and permits and provide guide and porter service only. This is not full board service. You will but meals yourself and company will make arrangements of your Guide, accommodations and porter (GAP). For trekkers hassle free Nepal trekking Experience, we normally give more priority to organize Tea house trekking and camping Trekking in Nepal

Is Nepal Trek safe?

Our Nepal trek Itinerary is set and designed very carefully to make sure that anyone can enjoy their Nepal trekking at their best by completing full necessary high altitude Acclimatization to prevent unnecessary acute mountain sickness (AMS). We use to do Nepal trekking our self first to learn and study well about areas, timeframe before we design the itinerary. We are always very serious and concerns about safety of our guests in Nepal trek arrangement. Our itinerary is not rush, so that trekkers can do slow trek and enjoy full trekking timeframe without any problem. Our guides and staffs will provide necessary information about safety. We provide necessary first Aid and also in case of emergency, we arrange immediate helicopter Evacuation rescue too during Nepal trek.

Our Nepal trekking region

There are many Nepal trekking region are open for trekking in Nepal. So according to the region and availability of facility like lodges or camping, we have categorized our Nepal trekking region in different regions. Nepal Trekking region such as Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region, we normally organize Tea house trek and in other Nepal trekking region, we organize Camping trekking.Below are most popular Nepal trekking region and you will find details of trekking itineraries inside that region.

Nepal Tea House Trekking Packages

Everest Region TrekkingPopular Everest Trekking
Everest trekking is without doubt one of the great trekking destination in world. Trek to Everest offers you wonderful Himalaya’s views of numerous beautiful peaks on the highest land on this planet including world highest peak Everest (8,848m). Everest region is home of Legendary Sherpa mountaineers...

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Everest Region Trekking Popular Annapurna Trekking
Annapurna trekking gain its popularity in all over the world since 1977 when it was first time opened for the foreigners. This region has been recognized as one of the World's best Trekking trails according to a survey by Modern Maturity (USA). Annapurna region trekking is only such region for trekking ...

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Langtang Trekking Popular Langtang Trekking
Langtang trekking region is directly north of the Kathmandu Valley and is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible parts of Nepal, providing some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. The soaring, snow-capped mountains at the head of the Langtang valley, the beautiful glacial lakes at Gosainkund and the friendly Tamang villages blend to make this a perfect trekking destination for trekkers.

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Nepal Festival Trekking Packages

Mustang Tiji Festival TrekkingThe Tiji festival is a three-day ritual known as "The chasing of the Demons" that centers on the Tiji myth. The myth tells of a deity named Dorje Jono who must battle against his demon father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from destruction ....

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Nepal Luxury Lodges Trekking Packages

Nepal Luxury Lodges TrekkingLuxury lodge trekking in Nepal means comfortable and convenient lodge facility in Everest and Annapurna trekking region of Nepal. This types of luxury lodge offer attached toilets and bathroom and facility of solar heating hot shower. This type of lodge also offers quality and hygienic meals.
Some of popular trekking areas of Nepal such as Everest trekking region ...

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Nepal Short, Easy and Winter Trekking Packages

Nepal Short, Easy and Winter TrekkingNepal is small south Asian country best known as many trekking regions and mountaineering adventures. Nepal offers many moderate to strenuous life challenging trekking and climbing holiday trips, which is long holiday minimum above 15 days. In Nepal, you will also find very short trek, easy trek from 4 days to 10 days timeframe ...

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Nepal Summer Trekking Packages

Nepal Short, Easy and Winter TrekkingNepal offer 4 different seasons for trekking and any holiday. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. March, April, May is considered as Spring trekking season in Nepal, June, July and August are called as Summer trekking season, September, October and November is said as Autumn trekking season( best trekking season in Nepal) and December, January and February are known as Winter trekking season ...

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Nepal Camping Trekking Packages

Nepal Short, Easy and Winter TrekkingNepal offer 4 different seasons for trekking and any holiday. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. March, April, May is considered as Spring trekking season in Nepal, June, July and August are called as Summer trekking season, September, October and November is said as Autumn trekking season( best trekking season in Nepal) and December, January and February are known as Winter trekking season ...

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Nepal New Trekking Routes Packages

Nepal New Trekking RoutesWhen popular and old trekking Route is becoming more crowded and busy, new trekking routes in Nepal are interesting for trekkers. If one is looking for more quiet, natural and non tourist trekking trails in Nepal, some of below new open trekking destinations are useful and recommended. As we know some of you already been most of all popular trekking routes of Nepal but this time looking for something ...

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