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Level of Trekking & Grade Fitness

All our trekking programs featured in this website are classified into THREE different categories according to their level of difficulty. Our grading systems should only be taken as a general guideline; it is up to you to judge your own fitness, ability and mental and physical stamina.

1. Soft- Easy Adventure treks

These treks are only about a week to 14 days in duration. They generally don't go above 4000 meter and each day, you can expect to be walking for around 4 – 6 hours. They are a perfect introduction to trekking in Nepal. The activity level is fairly easy but don't expect it to be all easy going, there will still be some big hills to climb as well as the well-known 'Nepali flat' – a little bit up and a little bit down.

2. Moderate to fairly challenging treks

Longer treks going right into high mountain country, to some of the famous mountaineering Base Camps over high passes. Physically quite tiring, involves approx 4-8 hours trekking along rocky ridges of high Himalayan peaks. No previous experience required, you should be moderately fit, used to some regular exercise and enjoys walking in the high altitude conditions.

3. Strenuous treks

Longer treks that go far beyond the normal haunts of trekkers and tourists, to remote areas of the country where the landscapes are wild and untamed and where the local inhabitants have seen little change in their way of life for centuries- untouched corners of an increasingly crowded planet. Physically challenging, likely to include unfavorable weather conditions and strenuous activities. Definitely not for beginners.